Breastfeeding Moms Hold ‘Nurse-In’ at Starbucks

SEATTLE (Reuters) – More than two dozen mothers staged a breastfeeding “nurse-in” at a Starbucks Corp. store in Maryland over the weekend in an effort to get the world’s largest coffee shop chain to adopt a policy allowing breastfeeding in all its U.S. stores.

Lorig Charkoudian, who organized the event, said on Tuesday that she began her quest a month ago when she was nursing her 15-month-old daughter at the store in Silver Spring, Maryland, and was asked by a Starbucks employee to cover up with a blanket or breastfeed in the bathroom.

She protested and, after eventually reaching the regional vice president, got Seattle-based Starbucks to recognize a Maryland law that allows mothers to breastfeed their children in public.

Starbucks spokeswoman Audrey Lincoff said in a statement that the coffee chain “quickly apologized for her negative experience” and reminded employees at its Maryland stores to comply with the law.

Charkoudian argues that Starbucks should have gone a step further and allow breastfeeding at all its 5,882 coffee shops in the United States.

“While Starbucks does not have a formal policy regarding mothers breastfeeding babies within our stores, we welcome nursing mothers to our stores,’ Lincoff said in a prepared statement, “Starbucks complies with all applicable state and local laws regarding breastfeeding.”

About 20 states have laws protecting the rights of mothers to breastfeed in public.

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