What the canuck?

Having recently returned from Canada, I was struck by the appalling belief of how self-centered we American’s are. I am not saying this assumption is made by most people, as ninety percent of the people I met were more than hospitable, but the other ten percent darn near ruined a perfectly good night.

The first of many incidences occurred when a young lady approached me and asked me why we were still in Iraq? (The Canadians are supporting the effort in Iraq, too, by the way.) Not wanting to discuss my views on politics, I simply stated that I support out troops, and left it at that. At this point, the young lady said that she knew what the real story was because she had seen Fahrenheit 9/11. (For opinions on this half-truth filled political advertisement, please see any of my posts on Michael Moore.)

The most obtuse question of the night was when I was asked if I even knew what province I was in. When I answered correctly, the follow-up questions included, “What is the capitol of Canada?” ”What is the capitol of Ontario?” and “Who is the Prime Minister?” which I answered correctly, by the way. To further prove my point, I asked this gentleman how many states there were, to which he replied, “Fifty-two.”

I am not complaining about Canada, or Canadians, but rather the dimwitted people who feel the need to try and force their brainless opinions on others. I love a disagreement. I love to debate, and I love to argue. However, for future reference, please bring something to the table other than Fahrenheit 9/11 or “That’s what I was told.” If you do not know what you are talking about, please do not argue about it.

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