Great New Look!

I was getting a little bored with the old look of the site, so I though I would spruce it up a bit.

I went with a button menu, instead of plain text to contrast the rest of the page. I let Beth pick out the background picture, although I have to admit that I do not mind the patriotic new look of the site. I only wish I could get the switch menu to work properly on the Web Log. I have exhausted all of the knowledge that I have trying to figure it out, so maybe I will learn some more, or have someone else fix it for me.

UPDATE: I had to change what I was originally going for with the menu. I am sure that I would have eventually figured it out for IE, but then I would have had to figure out the hack for all of the other browsers as well. So I made an executive decision, and decided to change my plans a little so I can go to bed. 🙂

About Ron

I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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