I am a big fan of privacy. I have nothing to hide, but I still like my own private corner of the world. In the past couple of months I have seen a great decrease in the amount of personal privacy of the general public, just fror fun. Not because people are scrutinizing each other, but simply because a vast majority are careless, and the rest are curious.

For example, this individual found a memory card from a digital camera in the back of a cab. Although I doubt that any of the pictures are incriminating, what sense of decency means that he can post them on the internet.

Another site, cleansed for the protection of the naïve, is See What You Share on P2P. This site exposes how the careless can put themselves in jeopardy, especially financially.

Although I thoroughly enjoy what these web sites, I guess I am asking the question, “Who draws the line?” These two sites seem to have a moral boundary prohibiting them from actually harming another. How long will it be until we see “”?

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