It’s a Marine Thing

by Stacy Kaucher

At the Vietnam War Memorial (The Wall) in Washington, DC sits a flag pole. At it’s base are the seals of all the services: Army, Navy, Marines (United States Marine Corps), Air Force, and Coast Guard. Every day throughout the entire year a group from Marine Barracks, Eighth and I, Washington, DC come to the flag and polish the Marine Corps Emblem.

The other services have NEVER touched theirs.

From the March 2004 issue of the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation newsletter.

NOTE: I know there are grammar mistakes in this post, but they are part of the QUOTE and I cannot change them.

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2 Responses to It’s a Marine Thing

  1. Chris Bacome says:

    And what time exactally does this happen every day Sarg?

  2. matthew knogge says:

    trying to reach major stacy kaucher who was my plt commander in 1981
    I was a combat engineer plt sgt.just want to say “HI” and semper fi.Regards,Matthew Knogge SGT USMC (United States Marine Corps) 1980-1988

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