Sexual (Cyber) Harassment

Picture this – I am checking my e-mail before Church on Sunday morning, and I receive a YIM from “creativefemailname.” Sometimes I do receive random YIM, AIM(link), or MSN, especially since I have them all posted on my personal page. I do not mind most of them, however.

This one, I minded. (Is “minded” even a word?) Out of nowhere she tells me she likes my profile, and asks me if I would like to cyber. No where in my Yahoo! profile would you get that I would even remotely consider “cyber”ing.

I understand that many people use instant messaging services for this purpose, and it is completely in their right to do so, but when I receive unsolicited messages it crosses a line. If I frequented adult chat rooms, I would not be irritated. If I said I was looking for a good time in my profile, I would not be irritated. But the bottom line is, I do none of these things, and I am irritated.

And to add insult to injury, it is not just my screen name. My wife and I share the screen name, since the both of us cannot be signed on at the same time.

So, my thought of the day is: “Has anyone ever pressed sexual harassment charges for creating a hostile environment on the internet?”

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4 Responses to Sexual (Cyber) Harassment

  1. Jim Spice says:


    “creativefemailname” is a not a real person, but a “bot” that scrapes screen names from a variety of sources, and then tries to make contact by IM. If you would respond, “she” would indeed chat with you, and you might even be fooled into believing she was a real person. It’s all a ruse to lure people to some unsavory sites.

  2. Ron says:

    I understand that “creativfeamilname” is “bot.” However there is a person responsible for that “bot,” and my premise still stands.

    Based on a persons Yahoo! profile, a “bot” could be able to detect, through spidering, what groups a person belongs to, or even keywords in a profile, which would tell said program if a person would be likely to respond.

    Additionally, what reaction would you have to a machine dispensing pornography to ten year olds? The responsible party would definitely be held liable for that action.

    Could the responsible party be prosecuted for sexual harassment for creating a hostile environment?

    I am a strong proponent of not censoring the internet. However, until moral obligations can be adhered to, that may have to be the route we follow. This is just one of many examples of that lack of standards.

  3. Brandon says:

    I have had the same bot start talking to me, My profile is title Soccerdad so its not like its saying hey I want to cyber. My kids use this name too, what if they where to get a message from a bot throwing around porn? Its disgusting.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Yeah, uhm, I just got an IM from the same person, hence the fact I found this post. It seemed like a real person, but after a couple moments I’m not sure, though, I haven’t gotten any links from it, yet.

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