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I decided that I would upgrade the web log to Word Press 1.2.1. They say that they have worked out some bugs with the administrative interface, but I have yet to see any changes. It is also supposed to fix some security flaws. (Isn’t it a shame that even a family oriented site like this has to worry about security issues?)

It was an easy transition, but I have also decided that I am going to get rid of the popup windows for all of the comment, track back, permanent link and e-mail links. It is still under construction, but I have worked out most of the kinks in the standard links. The e-mail link is another story, but I will work it out.

I have also listed my web log on Blog Shares. If nothing else, I get a cool logo button at the bottom of the menu. You should check it out for yourself, though.

I routinely, once a month or so, check my web site statistics and see what pages link to mine. I am pleased that recently I have found that related pages are actually linking to mine. It is a small thing, but it means that someone else besides my wife and my mom are looking at the site. I think they but it best in What about Bob? when they said, “Baby Steps.”

About Ron

I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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