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Christmas Cards

It is that time of year again. I am about to mail out Christmas Cards, and I pray that every one of them reaches their destination. There is nothing worse than getting a Christmas Card sent back. I have made … Continue reading

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I’m Baaaaaaaack

Thanks to Comcast, I have not been able to get online in the last few days. Thanks to me, I had to reformat my computer, and lost most of my recent documents.

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Sale! Sale! Sale!

Today was the first time I have ever joined the day after Thanksgiving shopping craze, and it will also be my last. I do not know what prompted my wife to get a wake up call from Target at five … Continue reading

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Things to be Thankful for:

This is an awesome piece by Donald Sensing. Never take for granted the things that you are thankful for, especially family.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

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Holiday Depression: Does it start at Work?

I enjoy the Holidays. They are my second favorite time of year. What I do not like about this time of year is the down time. No one wants to start a project going into a long weekend. (Do they … Continue reading

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Family Christmas

UPDATE: This was actually written by my wife, but I forgot to sign out, and it got posted under my name. Monday we put up our tree and it is beautiful. We put up lights around the ceiling and stockings … Continue reading

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O, Christmas Tree

In the spirit of the Holiday Season, we put up our Christmas tree. I know it is early, but we had the time, and we may not have time later with another little one on the way. This is significant … Continue reading

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I hate flying.

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Another Year Bites the Dust

Every year, my wife and I have a running bet going on the Ohio State versus Michigan game. Usually, I come out victorious. But this time, like Michigan, I was sorely disappointed. Despite my origination from the state of Ohio, … Continue reading

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