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OK, I am a little irritated with myself today. Actually, I am not just a little irritated with myself, I am really irritated. I do not know how I managed to do it, but I forgot to pay the bills last month. And I did not forget just one of them, but all of them. And I think the worst part about this is the fact that I was not doing anything this time last month. I was in town, and there was nothing else going on that would have preoccupied me.

Fortunately we are ahead in all of our bills, meaning that most of them had nothing due this month. I still like to pay early, though. I think I am trying to make up for all of the bills that I did not pay when I was in college. I am still trying to build my credit back up for that one.

The only bill that I forgot that really irritates me is the phone bill. I was debating putting that on the automatic debit list, but since it changes from moth to month, I though to myself, “I will pay it myself so that I put the right amount in the register.”

I found this out when I went to balance the checkbook. I have been meaning to do this for a couple of weeks now, but just have not had the motivation to get the job done. IT had not been that long, either. I usually balance it every week since I have that option with online banking. But I figured, why not be like everyone else and wait until I get my paper statement in the snail mail. The worst part about waiting to balance the checkbook is that since I pay all my bills about a week early, I would have caught that they were not paid before I missed the due date.

So, after several hours of my life went down the drain trying to figure out over a hundred transactions and an irreconcilable difference of $56.24, I am finally up to date in all of my books.

NOTE TO SELF: I should really have my wife, who was a finance major in college, and who will graduate in December with her book keeping certificate, do the books.

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