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Marine Corps Birthday BallLast night was the Birthday Ball for Marine Barracks, Washington D.C. (Hence why there was no post yesterday.) While I think that the Marine Corps Birthday Ball is something every Marine should go to, my wife and I had decided not to go due to her delicate condition. But alas, I was required to attend the ceremony.

So when I got home from work, I suggested that since I was required to go to the ceremony anyways, that Beth should come as well. She readily agreed, being tired of being stuck in the house, and started to get ready. Being eight months pregnant, she still fit into the dress she wore two Birthday Balls ago. Two hours later we were off.

The ceremony was awe inspiring as usual, and the speaker was one of the most motivating speakers that I have ever heard. But we were fortunate that we did not purchase tickets to the ball. By the time the ceremony was over, Beth was tired and needed to go home. It was a nice night with my wife.

P.S. The batteries went dead in our camera, so we only took a couple of pictures.

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