Family Christmas

UPDATE: This was actually written by my wife, but I forgot to sign out, and it got posted under my name.

Monday we put up our tree and it is beautiful. We put up lights around the ceiling and stockings on the wall since we do not have a fireplace. Everything that is christmas is up in our house. Now we just have to make sure RJ does not touch the tree. That is a hard thing for the boy to do but he is a good boy so I think it will not be a big problem. RJ got up this morning walked out in the living room and said “mommy turn on the christmas tree.” So I know he likes it.

Putting up the tree and listening to christmas music really gets you in the spirt of christmas. I know it does for me cause as a hormonal pregnant women I had to have a tear since this is our first christmas that we will have ourselves and we have a big tree and two kids. I love the holidays. Happy Holidays to all!!

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I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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