Missing Fetus?

Here is the whole story from CNN.

I have a major problem with this headline. This is a child; not a fetus. It is a baby, and individual, and a person.

We as moral people were relieved when Scott Peterson was charged in a double murder case for his wife and his unborn son. Why is this any different? If it is acceptable for a mother to give birth after thirty-six weeks of gestation, then it is a child, not a fetus. If a child can survive outside the womb with as little as thirty weeks gestation, then it was a child, not a fetus.

As the husband to a wonderful wife who is about to give birth, I see this crime as more atrocious than Mr. Peterson’s crime. It requires a sick individual to mutilate a corpse.

Could you imagine someone plotting to murder an innocent pregnant woman in an attempt to abduct her unborn child? Or worse yet, could you imagine killing an expectant mother, and abducting her progeny as an afterthought?

My outrage has precluded me from rambling any further.

P.S. We are convicting people of second degree murder for ending the life of the unborn. When is this going to apply to abortion?

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I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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