I never realized how little I accomplish on my days off until I have too much to do, and no time to get it done.

Today was definitely an exception to that rule.

    Today I …

  • played with my boys. This is not really a job, but my obligation as a father. I am listing it first, because it came before all of the other chores that I had to do today.
  • cleaned the house from top to bottom. This undeniably needed to be done with a newborn in the house, and a toiled that overflowed this past weekend.
  • went to the store. Like most men, I hate shopping. Unless it is for electronics or power tools.
  • replaced the blinds in the family room. RJ had broken nearly half of the vertical blinds off in his attempts to reach the balcony. We had given up on the whole blinds thing, and went to curtains. This was going well until he ripped the curtain rods off of the wall trying to swing from the curtains. We figured he would have a harder time trying to hold on to vinyl blinds.
  • changed all of the static pages on this site to XHTML, from HTML(link), and validated the entire site. It did not need to be done; I just wanted everything to match. Go ahead and check it out, there are links in the menu for your convenience.

About Ron

I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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  1. Rick Conner says:

    I can surely relate to the replacing the blinds

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