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One of the requirements of a Marine is the he be well groomed. For a majority of us, this means we must receive a haircut once a week. This can become a burdensome expense, as well as time consuming for those of us that choose to go to a barber shop. Some people who do not care how they look, as long as it looks maintained, cut their own hair while others find another person who cuts their hair to perfection. It is because of these things, among others, that we are particular about our barbers.

“My” barber unexpectedly quit, and I am extremely disheartened by this action. Jane gave the best haircuts that I have ever received. She did it expediently, and professionally. She gave RJ his first haircut, and was the only person, besides myself, to cut RJ’s hair since. Many times she was the only person to cut my father’s hair as well. (She cut all of the Rons hair.)

Jane, you will be missed.

About Ron

I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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