Every once and a while I will do a search on Marines (United States Marine Corps), because that is who I am. Sometimes, I come up with some interesting stuff, like today.

Let me preface this quote with a general synopsis of the preceding text. The article begins with individual Marine’s descriptions of themselves, followed by a comparison of the legacy of MLK and the Marines. It is this comparison that lease to this statement:

Please, let me tell you one more story of illustration. I am a personal witness to an event so extraordinary in today’s times, that I would argue it only happens because of a nation named the United States of America.

During an attack on Co F, I watched a Muslim Marine give 175% of his heart, soul and effort to provide the lethal fires of his 81mm mortar against enemy forces and in support of his fellow, and brother Marines. His Christian brother Marines, his Jewish brother Marines, his agnostic brother Marines and his atheist brother Marines!

He did this because they ARE HIS BROTHERS.

Their religion has no impact. Their ethnicity, no impact. Their economic or social status, no impact. Their only impact was the Eagle, Globe and Anchor they all wear as symbols of their brotherhood. Their connection is their oath to the death that all that shall matter is a person’s RIGHT to choose their own way in this life. Their common bond: shared hardship and a common goal. No, I argue to all, that while the USMC (United States Marine Corps) may fall short of the perfect, it is the ideal. It is the ideal example of how life should be lived and shared, not horded or directed.

I hope I wrote enough to catch your interest, and that you go and read the full article.

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