Like my wife said earlier this morning, we are moving on short notice, again. At least this time we have a couple of days, nine, to be exact, to pack. It should be an interesting week and a half.

This journey all began when Beth went home to Ohio to interview for some positions as a book keeper. Her last work day there, as she is leaving what would have been her last interview, another company calls in regards to her resume. Knowing that she will not be in town again for a while, Beth accepted.

Which leads us to yesterday. In the early afternoon, Beth received all call informing her that the aforementioned position is hers for that taking. Shorty thereafter, I received a call saying that we had ten days to move. It is amazing what you can accomplish in just a couple of hours of planning.

The plans are a set, and set in motion. Now for the hard part: The actual packing and moving. Not to mention explaining to a two and a half year old what is about to happen while trying to keep his seven week old younger brother from fussing too terribly much.

But in the long run, although this is the more difficult path, I believe that it is the best for all involved. I honestly did not believe that this was going to be the way that things were going to happen when my wife brought this original idea up to me earlier this week.

Here is to new experiences, and how unexpectedly and quickly they come.

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I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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