A Couple of Changes

OK, after much research, and messing up the site and having to reinstall WordPress a couple of times, I finally figured out that I could not do what I wanted to do with the wp_list_pages() function. It is designed for a specific purpose, and unfortunately that is not the same purpose as mine.

I was looking to have all of the main pages display, even when on the page template. As it stands now, the wp_list_pages() function does not do this. In addition, when you call to a child page, the function breaks all together. Thus and therefor, I have had to make some changes.

So I revamped the Directory: listings with links to the pages from the link manager. It is not what I wanted to do, but it is the only option for the time being. I also moved the e-mail links to the individual page. (i.e. e-mail ron [sic] is linked to from ron’s [sic] page)

About Ron

I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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