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In the quest to make the transition to our new place in Ohio, I attempted to make sure that all the amenities (i.e. phone, cable, internet) are up and running on out arrival.

Unfortunately that will not be possible. But what irks me is the fact that the representative from the cable company (all of these services will be provided by the same company) questioned my request for their top tier internet connection.

It is not like it is super-fast, either. It is only 4M downstream and 500K upstream, which is what I have now. After attempting to transition from DSL to dial-up a couple of years ago, I am not sure if can switch to anything slower. And at that I am mostly concerned about upload speed, since I hate waiting for a website to publish, and large e-mail to send.

I think it is a bold assumption to make to question my request, and definitely not a good business move,

At least I am not paying full price.

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