Driver’s License Exam

My wife had to retake her driver’s license test to changer her license to Ohio. Fortunately for her, but unfortunately for other drivers on the road, she only had to retake the written portion. (HEHEHE, just kidding about the other drivers thing.)

She passed on the first try, which I had no doubt that she would. But apparently the driver’s license making machine at the testing branch of the Ohio BMV she tested at was broken. So she had to go to another location.

Once she got to a location with a working driver’s license making machine, she found out that they did not take credit/debit cards, they only take cash or checks. She did not have any cash on her. Beth quickly ran to the ATM and got some money out. Fortunately for her, they said that they would have everything ready for her when she returned, rather than just not doing anything until they saw the cash, which is what I am sure they would do in Northern Virginia.

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