We have VoIP at home. So far, I like it a lot.

It is inexpensive, which is appropriate since we do not use it that much. I hated having a home phone with the minimum service available costing me $40 a month (Thanks Verizon. Your service was pretty shitty, too.) I think that this was a great innovation and was pretty excited about this being the wave of the future.

But Ma Bell is striking back with the help of the cable companies. They cannot completely deny service to third party VoIP providers, so they are tagging their own service so that it receives priority, and the third party vendors get the leftovers.

There is nothing explicitly legally wrong with that. The problem I have is that the final consumer is then not getting what they are paying for and are “second class” to people purchasing VoIP from their ISP. Competition is becoming a thing of the past. It is about upholding the profit margin at the expense of the consumer. To hell with innovation, Corp. likes the big profits he sees now, and does not need to change.

So much for the days of the free internet! Is Comcast going to start blocking my use of Firefox? Is Verizon going to require that they be your home page in the terms of service? Maybe SBC will block you from looking at competitors web pages if you are browsing the internet with their service. This is a bad precedent and we need to voice our opinion before it is too late.

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