High Schools Ban Blogging

It has come to this. School Administrators have banned
from school computers citing a lack of educational purpose as a deciding factor. However, the principle stated that it is more of a parental concern than a school concern.

I will leave you with this thought: Are students allowed to access e-mail at school? This definitely serves an education purpose. I did a bulk of my communication with professors via e-mail. (I did not even have an e-mail account until I went to college.)

If they are allowed access to e-mail, I believe they should be allowed access to their blog.

But, if you are using WordPress or Blogger, just e-mail your post to your site and avoid the whole hassle.

The next thing you know the UN will want to regulate the internet. No, wait, that already happened.

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One Response to High Schools Ban Blogging

  1. AdamR says:

    It’s definitely a double standard. If they allow one thing such as general browsing or e-mail, they should allow blogging. I do agree that a good number of activities students do while at school are not educationally stimulating, and if they’re going to do something about it, take out those actions, not something like this.

    – Adam

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