Colonol Truman W. CrawfordColonel Truman W. Crawford was the epitome of what I do. He began his military career in the Army Air Corps which then formed the Air Force. After a brief hiatus from the military he returned to serve in the Marine Corps. In total, he spent 41 years on active duty. It is not the record, but it is nothing to scoff at either.

I have never had the honor of serving with Col Crawford, but I have had the pleasure of meeting him in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania at a Marine Corps Birthday celebration. (He was there as the oldest Marine present.)

At his passing was the first time I had heard about Taps Across America, something that I had not heard about again until the passing of former President Reagan.

Today we held a memorial service to celebrate his life, on the anniversary of his birthday. I can only pray that I make such a positive impact on others with my life.

As Marines (United States Marine Corps) we admire and respect those who went before us to pave the way for what we have today. Not just the luxuries like double rooms instead of a squad bay, or the leeway that we are given to take care of our families, but the very life and liberty that we have again offered up our lives to protect. Without our forefathers, where would we be today?

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