Grocery Shopping

This evening began as a good evening. We went to Sears to look for a new grill for “Grilling Season.” We did not see one we like as much as the one we saw at Kroger, but we did buy a nice grill cover and Crafstsman grill set. After that we headed to Kroger for a grill and our weekly groceries. We normally go grocery shopping on Sundays, but we were lazy this week.

When we arrived at Kroger we saw the coolest shopping cart ever! It was a normal cart with a toddler car built into the front of it. RJ was ecstatic. At first, anyways. It took him about fifteen minutes to get bored with that and misbehave worse than he has ever misbehaved before. Between keeping him calm and doing the shopping we spent over an hour in Kroger.

I think the thing that irritates me most about this is not the fact the RJ misbehaved, but the fact that because we were watching him, we were not watching what was thrown into the cart. We normally do our weekly grocery shopping for about $50. This week it was over $100. And we have so much food that we rarely eat and did not need.

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