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I just read an article on restaurant tipping from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune. It puts a very real face on todays tippers. I am a bad tipper according to them.

Here is MY scale:

  • Ruined my day: I will yell at the manager and get a free meal.
    This is service so bad that I would no longer be a patron of this establishment.
  • Really Bad Service: 1 cent.
    This is the type of service where I have to ask more than once for something.
  • Bad Service: $0
    This is service where the server does not come over and I have to ask for everything.
  • Adequate Service: 10%
    This is the kind of service where the server does the minimum. By this I mean that they ask me if I want refills, and check on me and my party at least every twenty minutes.
  • Good Service: 15%
    This is service where I do not have to ask for anything, the server asks me if I need anything and is pleasant in doing so.
  • Great Service: 25%+
    If the service makes my visit a wonderful experience, the server should be tipped accordingly. I have left up to 50% for this kind of service.

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