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I really like the home day care environment compared to the commercial day care environment for children. The only problem is that, in my experience, home day care has a high turnover rate.

As husband to someone who worked in commercial day care for two years and did home day care for two years, I am sympathetic to the situation of many home day care providers. Many of the providers that we have patronized over the past year have simply done home day care because of a lack of options. I was not sorry to see them go.

Our current, soon to be former, home day care provider was an exception to that rule. I am sorry to see her go. The boys seem to have really liked her. They even asked for her on the weekends, a first considering that they have been with five home day care providers over the last year.

I am hoping that we can find a provider with some longevity so that the boys have some stability while we are not with them. Our only other option is to hire a nanny. Yes, it is expensive as it sounds. After taxes, insurance and child care costs Beth would be bringing home about $30 a week. This almost makes it not worth working, bet the double insurance would be nice, and you cannot put a price tag on work experience.

All in all, we have some important decision to make.

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I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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