AIM Mail Beta

Like so many things associated with AOL(link), this is sorely disappointing. The only good thing about this service is that there is 2 gigabytes of storage space.

The not so good things are the fact that I do not like an advertisement being my signature, it is still VERY beta, and there no IMAP access as promised by the AIM(link) web site.


But the AIM(link) Mail FAQ’s had this to say about IMAP access:


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One Response to AIM Mail Beta

  1. Ron says:

    OK, well all has been solved with the IMAP access.

    IMAP: – port 143
    SMTP: – port 587

    If you are wondering why I took so long to post this, I had actually given up the AIM(link) account. This was a shame because 2G of storage space is nothing to shake a stick at.

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