Moral Boundries

It seems that a woman from Bethesda, Maryland has developed a line of greeting cards developed specifically for those in extramarital affairs.

“They’re still going to get gifts for their lovers, they’re still going to e-mail them,” she said. “Some people won’t buy them because they want to be really careful, but some people will. People in affairs let their emotions take over.”

These cards are promoting an action that is immoral. You are setting an example that is offensive to the majority of us that are faithful to our spouses. It is a bad example. Could you imagine Little Johnny in the greeting card aisle asking Mommy why he can’t tell Daddy about the cards they bought? Or what about the young couple that has a fight and is looking for a card to say, “I’m sorry.” Not So Little Johnny goes through the card aisle, sees a card for another lover, and thinks to himself, “If they make cards for it, I guess I would be alright for me.”

Moral obligations aside, these cards are still condoning an an action that is also illegal. What is next, “Happy first Breaking and Entering.” or how about “I’m sorry Mom, but it’s just pot.”

My point is this: Is this lack of integrity, moral responsibility and honor a symptom of what is wrong with the direction of society or the cause?

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