What is a Hoosier, anyways?

Indiana is supposed to start daylight saving time next April, but the government is involved, and U.S. Department of Transportation must decide whether the state will be in the Central or Eastern time zone or some combination of the two. They are actually having hearings on this subject, because people cannot make up their mind.

Is Indiana trying to be difficult? Do you think you are better than the rest of us?

Just move to Central Time because the Eastern Time Zone does not want you until (a) you can make up your mind and (b) you can tell us what a Hoosier is.

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  1. I have actually heard definitions of Hoosier in the six years I have lived in Indiana. One from a Social Studies teacher was that the word came from the accent of French trappers saying, “Who’s here?” so they wouldn’t be shot as they moved through settlements. Another is that the word was the equivalent of “redneck” and that its derogatory meaning has since faded. That might have some merit; people still do sound condescending when they call you a Hoosier.

    I looked up the word Hoosier in an older dictionary the other day, and the etymology was unknown. Maybe, instead of speculating, dictionaries just need to define Hoosier as a resident of the state of Indiana.

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