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TGI … darn, it’s only Tuesday

This is one of those weeks. I started Monday on track, ready for the beginning of a new work week. I got to work at 9:00 A.M. and by 9:10 A.M. everything had gone to heck. Things got back on … Continue reading

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Boycott Thorntons

My step-brother-in-law will be in town this week from North Carolina. This happens a couple of times a year (he is still in high school), so we always make time to see him when he visits. It was a nice … Continue reading

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Sit, Tony…

and he did! Tony sat up all by himself for the first time this morning.

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Value Shitty

Our new living room set arrived today, and it looks terrific sitting in out living room. The only problem was that the recliner was broken when we received it. I called Value City Furniture and they said that there was … Continue reading

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Google Moon

In celebration of the anniversary of the first manned mission to the moon, Google has released Google Moon. I do not mean to be repetitive since this has already been Slashdotted, and most likely already been re-posted on over a … Continue reading

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One of those Days

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Beam me up, Scotty.

James Doohan 3 March 1920 – 20 July 2005 My family enjoyed Star Trek growing up. It was a staple in my household. We went to a convention or two, taped all of the episodes from TV (this was in … Continue reading

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Home Networking

I am a computer geek. I have a home network complete with a server. I am sure that this is not uncommon nowadays, but among my peers and coworkers, I am Mr. Tech Support. Considering the fact that I work … Continue reading

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I spent the day Saturday cleaning the basement and doing laundry. Beth took the boys to do some grocery shopping, and I decided it was time to take a break. I settled down with a large glass of water and … Continue reading

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Welcome Kaden!

Not to be left out: Congratulations Aaron and Rin on the addition to your family.

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