Fired for Quitting

I think I heard the most obtuse reason for being dismissed from a job: being asked not to come back because you put in your two weeks notice. I can understand this action if there was conflict. I can even understand it if quitting was a preemptive strike rather than being fired. But what I cannot understand is the blatant disregard for etiquette on the side of the employer, when the (former) employee help up their end of the bargain.

What this makes me wonder is, “Why should someone bother giving two weeks notice if they are going to lose their job on the spot?”

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2 Responses to Fired for Quitting

  1. Andy says:

    Sounds illegal to me unless you got paid the extra two weeks. It’s quite common in the uk to get paid for the extra 2 weeks. I was hoping they were going to do that for my last job but I had to work my notice šŸ™

  2. Ron says:

    From what I have learned, Ohio is an “at-will” work state, which means that you can be dismissed from your position for any reason. This, of course, would be different with a union, and I am sure there are tons of exceptions.

    This actually worked out very well for the person who was changing jobs. (Just to clarify, it was not me.) Now they are just starting their new job two weeks earlier.

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