Boycott Thorntons

My step-brother-in-law will be in town this week from North Carolina. This happens a couple of times a year (he is still in high school), so we always make time to see him when he visits. It was a nice visit, although short. On our way home we needed gas and I wanted to grab a couple of sodas for me, Beth and RJ. We stopped at Thornton’s on Georgesville and Norton.

When I got out of the van I was greeted by an employee yelling at a customer. I reserved judgment, as I often do, and gave them the benefit of the doubt. What happened next, however, removed all doubt. I was told to pre-pay, and not politely, either. I understand that with rising gas prices that drive-off have become more common, but that does not excuse the rudeness that I received.

If you are going to require that patrons pre-pay for gas, then it should be posted. Note to any gas station owners: I will never pre-pay for gas. I am not going to waste my time walking into the store, waiting in line, going back to my vehicle, pumping my gas, going back into the store, waiting in line again and collecting my change. I have, on several occasions, gone to another gas station when they asked me to pre-pay.

Just in case anyone was wondering if I use Pay-at-the-Pump, the answer is yes. Quite often, too. However, I am not going to pay at the pump and then go inside and pay for my geedunk separately. I just have issues making two debit card charges at the same establishments within five minutes of each other.

And with that, I will no longer patron Thornton’s.

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