Daylight Savings

It seems as though beginning in 2007, Daylight Savings time will be extended by nearly two months. It is slated to begin three weeks earlier and end four weeks later. This is one of the reforms in the (WASTE OF) Energy Bill that was recently passed.

I response, I say just move the entire country an hour ahead all year long. Scratch that – make sunrise be around nine or so, leaving people with the light on in the morning just for a little while, getting ready to rush out the door, and then they will spend the bulk of the morning in their car, with their lights at home off. That would put sunset at round midnight or so during the summer, throwing kids everywhere off of their schedule that parents worked to hard to establish. I do not know about you, but my boys know that when the sun goes to bed, so do they.

There goes my excuse to pick on Hoosiers.

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