Outsmarted by a 2.95 Year Old

We were in desperate need of groceries. Partly because of lack of ambition, and partly because there was still food in the house, we have not been grocery shopping for quite a while. After dinner, we packed up the boys and headed for Sam’s Club. (Heck, if we are only going to go grocery shopping once a month, we might as well make out trip worthwhile.)

After spending almost an hour in the store, we were finally done. We loaded up the groceries in the van and headed home. Once we arrived I began the daunting task of moving the groceries from the car to the apartment, and putting them away. RJ played outside, even though it was past his bedtime, because we had been busy all evening and he did not have a chance to play outside after dinner.

About an hour later I came outside to get him. He said he wanted to play outside for “a long, long time.” His long, long time lasted about five minutes. He came up to the door and I told him that there were going to be no in and out privileges, and that if he opened the door he was to be inside for the rest of the night.

He knocked on the door. I opened it and he ran in. He quickly ran back outside.

It was at this point that I told him that he needed to stay inside for the rest of the night. With the most matter of fact face that he could muster he said, “Daddy, I knocked the door. You opened the door, not me. I can play outside now.”

I let him play. How can I argue with that logic?

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I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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  1. Now you have some idea of how it felt to be YOUR parent.

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