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More New Furniture

We bought the rest of the living room furniture that we wanted this weekend. We had not originally planned to buy this for while, but when my chair broke, we figured that since we had to buy one piece, we … Continue reading

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This has not happened in a long time: It is only 7:30 P.M. and both of the boys are asleep. Beth is at work. What am I supposed to do now?


First Blood

Tony has his first bloody lip today. This was largely thanks to RJ. Unfortunately I did not see what happened. I was not looking for about 10 seconds (literally, ten seconds) and RJ yelled that Tony got blood on him. … Continue reading

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This has been a busy week. We moved on Saturday, and spent most of the day on Sunday setting up the big things and changing the locks. Both Beth and I worked Monday and Tuesday, but I took the rest … Continue reading

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Flock and

You can get a blog without an invite by installing Flock! Once you have installed Flock, click on Create a Blog Post (the little feather) to post to your blog, and than click on “Need a Blog? Click here … Continue reading

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If you haven’t switched, there’s no better excuse. Think of it this way, all IE users out there, with this many people choosing to switch, don’t you think that you should see what all of the fuss is about? Security … Continue reading

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Moving Tips?

When moving a mile down the road, is it really worth the time to pack all of your stuff up in boxes? I can understand when moving across the country, which I have done before. But I have also seem … Continue reading


Laptop Maintenance

When we moved to central Ohio from Northern Virginia, our life was bound to change. I did not think that the physical feature of out domicile would have such an impact on our day-to-day lives. In Virginia, we lived in … Continue reading

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On the Move Again

We are moving next weekend. Again. This is a really good thing, though, since we will finally own a place of our own. This is also much more well planned than our last move, and that took us half way … Continue reading

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The day from just north of heck…

It was another of those kind of days. The say started with the cable being turned off, and subsequently there was no phone or internet either. This would normally just annoy me, but I had bills to pay, and I … Continue reading

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