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After a very busy weekend (see the previous post), and spending most of Sunday recovering, there is a sever lack of food in the house. I suppose that we should have gone shopping, but neither Beth nor I have made the time. I gave up on making do with what little we have in the house and bought pizza this evening.

Up until recently, this would have been a rare treat for us, as we only order out about once a month. Pizza is one of RJ’s favorite foods, as I imagine it is for most three year olds.

RJ has always liked his fruits and vegetables. He has even gone so far as to say that broccoli is his favorite food. But eating when it is front of you is one thing. Asking for it is something completely different.

This evening RJ only are two pieces of pizza. When he was done he said that he wanted an apple. I gladly obliged. I am glad that RJ likes to eat healthy.

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