The day from just north of heck…

It was another of those kind of days. The say started with the cable being turned off, and subsequently there was no phone or internet either. This would normally just annoy me, but I had bills to pay, and I always wait until the last minute since I pay them on-line. (Note: If their web payment is down on the day that your payment is due you can usually get them to waive the fee and pay the bill over the phone.)

They day at work began pretty much the same way.

We finally set a closing date for out new place, but not without a lot of hassle. Our Realtor was kind enough to offer to pay to fix the one item that we had requested be fixed, but was completely ignored. It was by no means the fault of the seller, since their Realtor did not let them know any of this until well after the time for such requests had passed. This whole ordeal is almost over. If we did not love this place so much, we would never have put up with all of this.

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