First Blood

Tony has his first bloody lip today. This was largely thanks to RJ. Unfortunately I did not see what happened. I was not looking for about 10 seconds (literally, ten seconds) and RJ yelled that Tony got blood on him.

My initial response was that Tony had gotten some of RJ’s blood on him, since he has been getting some nose bleeds as of late. (Despite the nose bleeds, RJ continues to constantly pick his nose.) Upon closer inspection, Tony had hurt his lip.

Both of the boys were in the middle of the dining room, so there was nothing for Tony to have collided with except for RJ or the floor. Now the fact that Tony does not walk yet leaves only one cause, RJ.

I asked RJ what happened, but he said that he did not want to say. This is his usual response when he does something bad. I asked him if he had hurt Tony and he said yes but refused to elaborate.

I chalked the whole incident to boys will be boys, but RJ spent a good amount of time in his room because of this incident.

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