Standing Up

When we decided that we wanted to get a whole house full of new furniture, Beth and I knew that we were going to need more money. It was on this note that we decided to race to see who could get a second job first. The next day, Beth came home with another job. I hate it when she beats me!

The money is nice, but sacrificing the boys and my time with her is becoming more of an issue. This issue us compounded by the fact that her manager cannot seem to follow simple instructions, like her hours of availability. When she was hired, she said that she could only work three nights a week, and that she could not work on Sundays. (Sunday is our family day, but they do not need to know that.)

Her manager has scheduled her between four and five days since she has started, including several Sundays. Her boss maintains that they need her to work because they are short staffed, but I maintain that they will be even shorter staffed if they cannot respect her hours of availability. Today was the final straw for me. It is Sunday, and she went in to work. When she got there she was told that she would have to work a double since someone called off. Why should they tell her to work a double on a Sunday when she is not supposed to work at all.

I understand that employers have to meet their needs. However, it is no wonder they are short staffed when they treat their employees this way. These are not the terms under which my wife was hired.

Why is it that people are so afraid to stand up to their bosses?

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