Finishing Touches

We moved into our new home a couple of weeks ago, and are anxiously awaiting the finishing touches. I bought all new phones yesterday, which brings the “Finishing Touch Task List” down to two remaining items.

Every room in the house was previously wired for the telephone … with two separate lines. I could have wired them together, and had both of the outlets in each room lead to the same line, but first I would have to find all of the lines. After numerous hours in the basement testing phone lines, I could only find the leads for three of the seven major rooms in the house. I am a big fan of VoIP phone service, so this was going to have to be done by me, or I would have to pay someone to come out. (The phone company will usually do it for no fee when it is installed as long as you purchase the “linebacker” program for a couple of dollars a month.)

I called around and all of the estimated were more than I would like to hear. My solution: AT&T 5.8G Expandable set. It was half the price of having someone come out to redo the phone lines, and it was immediate (Beth really wanted the home phone hooked up.) It has more features than you can shake a stick at, and it was on sale at Sam’s Club.

Now I just wish someone would call the new home number so we can test it out. (I refuse to call myself to test the phones.) The only two finishing touches that remain are getting the rest of our living room furniture, which should arrive any day now, and replacing some of the blinds. Things are coming together nicely.

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2 Responses to Finishing Touches

  1. Andy says:

    I’ll call you if you like – I hope the wireless phones you have dont interfere with the wireless network you have (or i assume you have!)

  2. Ron says:

    We went with the 5.8GHz, in the hopes that they would not interfere. And I really like gadgets. 🙂

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