I cracked a window …

or rather Windows. Just when you think that you are getting the hang of things, you go and make some silly error.

  1. My out of office assistant stopped working.
  2. I had tried many things to fix this. I deleted my profile, I deleted the send/receive file. I even un-installed, removed the registry keys and reinstalled office. Since I still had access to this feature through web-mail, I had almost forgotten about it. But the other day, our office IT person called and asked me how I fixed that problem when it happened to me. I told her I would get back with her.

    In case you are wondering how I fixed this: Help -> About -> Disabled Items

    I went through countless KB articles, and was almost going to pay for Experts Exchange, when I came across an article that explains that when you disable an add-in, it saves the information in the registry. I was going through searching for the key, and I ended up on the Help Menu to go back to the KB, when I stumbled across this fix.

    I will probably never need this again.

  3. When you change the computer name on the network, you user scheduled tasks will cease to run.
  4. That is, until you update the scheduled task. I run everything manually on my Windows computer, but I set everything up to run automatically on Beth’s. (And everyone else’s computer, when they ask me to fix it.)

    When we moved to our new place, I redid the network. With the addition of another router (VoIP) I had to reconfigure all of my port forwarding anyways, so I rebuilt from the ground up. I have all of the computers confusingly descriptive names, that way I could call them from the command line without having to look anything up.

    This worked great until I went to scan the most set of monthly statements. I thought that Beth’s computer was running a bit slow, so I looked at the scheduled tasks to see if a defragmentation or a registry cleaning was about due. None of the scheduled tasks had run since we moved! I began looking at the setting and could not figure it out. I decided that I was going to delete all 18 tasks and rebuild them as well.

    Just as I was about to delete the first task I noticed that “Run As:” still had the old computer name. I changed all of the authorities, and gave each task a test run, and everything works as it should. I am glad that I caught that one, and just in the nick of time.

I have to admit that both of these were easily overlooked, but I was disappointed I did not discover any of this sooner.

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  1. Andy says:

    You know we had a problem about oof on a works pc – in the end we had to delete the mailbox from the server and recreate the mailbox. Loads of things never fixed it…now I’m wondering if the addin got disabled or not……Now I’m not going to sleep tonight whilst I think about it 🙂

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