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OK, so I have been meaning to update all of my plug-ins for a while now, but I just got around to it today. I installed two new ones earlier this week, and another today.

I have been all about the feeds lately. I do not know why. I have added Better Feeds and Subscribe Me earlier this week. I have been meaning to add the subscription links for a while, but I have been lazy about actually doing the job. Once I saw that there was a plug-in that would do it for me, I was all over installing that plug-in. It is done now, so we’ll move on.

Along the same lines, I thought that my feeds where boring. Half of me was thinking that boring is the way that they should be, but the other half does not like boring. It was truly a battle. My inability to leave well enough alone led me to completely mess up my feeds, than reload the original files and install Better Feeds.

My last new toy is Akismet. My Mom, who is on WordPress.com, says that she has not received a spam comment that got through. We’ll see. I do not get many spam comments, but they come in attacks. I remember one day every half hour or so, I would delete five to so spam comments. This went on from the time that I got up until the early afternoon. Here’s to hoping!

It is amazing what you can accomplish in half an hour of free time in you really put your mind to it. No, installing these plug-ins did not take half an hour. This is just one of the many things I completed. (I am not telling you when I started 😉 )

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