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I went to install the final release of Visual Web Developer 2005, and the installer could not continue because it said that there were still components installed. I was very careful to un-install the beta of Visual Studio in the order they specified, so I was a bit confused. I downloaded and ran the un-installer, and it was also unable to remove the “component.” The error was “Error 1316. A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\Windows\Install\VNSSetup.msi”

My next step was to jump to the forums. There were several people with the same problem, but there was no resolution. The consensus seemed to be that I needed to re-install the beta, and then run the un-installer again. That might work, except that I no longer had the install to the beta since I installed it directly from the web site.

I went through my computer and made sure that that there were no remaining files. There were none. That left one place that this “component” could hide … the registry. I searched the registry for “VNSSetup.msi.” Once search found the key, I exported it, and the removed it from the registry. I tried the installer one more time and it ran without a hitch.

I rebooted the computer, launched Visual Web Developer, and commenced playing with my new toy. My question of the day is, :Why was this solution not in any of the forums?” In a couple of entries, they had suggested re-installing Windows, and one even made mention of buying a new computer. Is rooting around in the registry that scary?

I have made my share of mistakes editing the registry, but as long as you make sure to back it up before you make changes that you are unsure of, everything is recoverable. (Make sure you have Knoppix Live disc, or maybe even ERD Commander, though.) Here is to breaking our toys, and learning a little something when we have to fix them!

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