Cold Pump

…Err. Heat Pump, I mean.

Some time last night our heat pump decided that 60 degrees was warm enough for us. I disagreed, but the heat pump would not listen. Apparently it wanted a second opinion. The repair guy is here trying to convince it that it needs to be warmer.

Update: As it turns out it was just the thermostat. Apparently it was not signaling for the auxiliary heat to come on. The technician said that the auxiliary heat is needed when it is this cold outside, and at this temperature the heat pump would only be able to sustain about 60 degrees in the house, which is where it has been hovering when we do not use the space heaters. I am glad this is taken care of, and it was something small. Hopefully the new windows will help to retain some heat when they get put in as well.

Update 2: The ice has now melted off of the insides of my windows!

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  1. Whew! I am glad for you that the problem was small.

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