So Busy

The holidays can be a very busy time. My bloggin’ self is no different. The choice was not difficult to make, write or play with my boys (and my wife, when she is not too busy herself.)

Preparing for the holiday season is the largest time stealer. Between shopping, wrapping and special events, it is hard to figure out where all the time goes. It was a monumental moment watching RJ in his first Christmas Program at Church. I am sure that there will be many more programs, but no more first programs.

Beth has been working a second job for Christmas money. We had a little competition to see who could get a second job first, and she blew me away. She had a second job the day after the competition started, and I had only put in two applications. The extra money is nice, but does not come close to compensating me and the boys for her time away. Fortunately this is almost over.

I have also switched positions at work. By this I mean that I took a position that had just been created. On top of training my replacement for my old position, I am also outlining and helping to establish the duties of this position. I think that I have actually taken a lunch twice in the past two weeks.

I am glad that I can finally have a couple of days at home.

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I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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