Windows One Care – The Last Straw

I have been having several issues with One Care over the past couple of weeks. The firewall was blocking some sites that I frequently used, and nine out of ten times it would not start with Windows. Over the time that I had One Care installed, I had put in support requests five times. I know that is the draw back to beta testing software, but One Care has to be the buggiest software that I have ever tested.

On the advice of the support technician, I was supposed to uninstall and reinstall Once Care. Again. (Uninstalling and reinstalling seemed to be their answer for everything.) The uninstall bombed out, and the computer crashed. I started the computer up again, and I had no network connectivity. Great. After trouble shooting everything that I knew how, I gave up.

I backed up my email and Firefox, and reformatted. (All of my documents are stored on a network drive.) I have unattended installation disks created for the majority of the software that I use, and reinstall Windows about once a year anyways, so it is really not that big of a deal.

The thing that irritates me most about this situation is the lack of support that i received. There was a minimum twenty-four hour wait time for each response, and I have not heard from the technician since I said that I lost network connectivity, forty-eight hours ago. I have not told them that I reinstalled Windows. I will if I ever get a response.

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  1. Andy says:

    Unfortunately thats the same experience I’m getting. On parents computer it still insists that I’m at risk and not up to date and the diagnostics software doesn’t do anything either.

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