Our New Windows

Our new windows were finally installed on Thursday. My original plan was to have someone let them in, and then they would call me when the job was done for me to sign off on their work. The idea of leaving contractors in my house all day without supervision did not thrill me. I am sure that the vast majority of contractors out there are decent enough, but there are so many horror stories that I was a bit apprehensive. My Dad noticed my apprehension, and since he and my Mom were on vacation, he volunteered to come out for the day. (I am not sure it visiting his grandsons was a fringe benefit or an ulterior motive, but they all seemed to have enjoyed the time together.)

That day, I came home to a wonderful dinner of Ham and Pea Soup; one of my favorite meals. By the time dinner was over and my parents left it was only a short while before the boys went to bed. With Beth working, that provided me the perfect opportunity to put everything back together from the window installation. At the obvious request of the installation contractors, all of the items near the windows had to be moved a safe distance away, along with removing the blinds and other window coverings.

Moving the furniture back into place was not too much of a chore, but replacing the blinds was quite a hassle. The new windows were nearly two inched deeper than the previous windows. In both of the boys rooms, they had replaced the trim, restoring the previous look but also completely unnecessary. This caused us to lose half an inch in width on each of those windows. The blinds that I had custom cut were just narrow enough to give me hope, and just wide enough not to fit. I tried to move them to the kitchen, but they were four inches too short! I have yet to make it to Lowe’s to buy replacements for these blinds.

All in all, the contractors did a very decent job. The windows look great and they performed a very thorough clean up. I noticed an almost immediate difference in the house. It just felt warmer even though the thermostat was set at the same temperature it always has been. I have spent the last day and a half, unsuccessfully, trying to feel a draft from the new windows.

All I need now is new weather stripping for the doors, and the house ill be officially winterized.

P.S. We got our Windows from Sears.

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2 Responses to Our New Windows

  1. Andy says:

    wow – they did all the windows in one day? Thats quick work. Hopefully our windows won’t take long to do either. We got our gas bill this month – almost $200 for less than a month so we really can’t wait to get the windows put in!
    You should post the url for the companies website (if they have one) for good referrals.

  2. Ron says:

    As requested, I posted the URL. I purchased my new windows from Sears.

    They had the best price for the windows that I wanted, which were not the least expensive. I wanted the argon filled with the e2 coating. I am not really sure how much of a difference it will make, but in doing my research before my purchase, it seemed as though those were the best quality.

    The salesmen were typical salesmen, personality-wise. They were extremely helpful in making my decision to purchase from Sears. Also, the Sears name has been around for a while, and has definitely earned my respect as a company. I am a loyal Sears customer, and having a store charge card (required for the purchase of the windows) with as high of a limit as was required to purchase the windows, may be a dangerous thing. Fortunately, we will have to pay the windows off before there will be any available credit on the card.

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