Rise Up so Early in the Morn

It has become painfully apparent that Tony is feeling a bit under the weather. He has consistently slept through the night since he was six months old. Except for last night. It was not that he was not tired, or did not want to sleep, but rather the fact that he could not breathe through his nose – a fact I did not discover until almost midnight. This is in stark contrast to myself, since I am a horrible mouth breather when I sleep.

Last evening began like practically every other. When 7:30 PM rolled around, RJ was sent to the basement, so that I could get Tony to sleep. (My sister is in town this weekend, so I am sure that RJ did not mind going to play in the basement with Aunt Jill.) Tony was out like a light, and by that I mean that it was like flipping a switch. The minute that we settled down he was asleep. I brought him up to bed.

About a half hour later Tony started fussing; not his normal, run of the mill fussing, either. I waited ten minuted, and went upstairs to get him. I picked him up and he was quiet. I held him for about ten minutes and put him back in his crib. This cycle repeated about every half hour for the next four hours.

My bedtime had finally rolled around. I went upstairs and opened Tony’s door all the way so I could hear him if he needed me. No sooner did I do this then Tony started fussing again. As tired as I was (I always ending up falling asleep early on Fridays) I did not want to have to traverse back and forth between the boys room and my own room. I picked him up and brought him to bed with me.

Again, he fell right asleep. I was becoming more confused. Lately, Tony has been a very devout “mama’s boy.” My initial thought was that Tony wanted Beth, who was out with friends celebrating a birthday. Maybe he just needed held.

About half an hour later Tony woke up with a start, and quickly sucked air in through his mouth. He was scared. He has never been sick before. Unfortunately ,Tony is just slightly too young to understand how to blow his nose so I had to use that little bulb thingy (I’m so technical.) Not surprisingly, he has quite upset about having a relatively huge bulb thingy repeatedly shoved up his nose.

This was enough to increase the gaps in between Tony’s fits to about an hour and half. Until 5:00 AM. I cannot wait until Tony is old enough to let us sleep in on weekends!

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