Where did winter go?

Beth moved back to Ohio last February, while I stayed in Washington D.C., finishing out my enlistment. I made it out here every chance I had, which was about every three weeks or so. Except for my final trip back, every trip was coated in snow. I am not talking about flurries, either. I am talking about BIG snow.

I was very excited to see some of that this year, but it seems as though mother nature has other ideas. Where is the snow?

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2 Responses to Where did winter go?

  1. Andy says:

    *cough* you spoke to soon – we had snow/hail this afternoon for about 20 minutes – JUST as I was getting out of the car and slowly walking to a customer *brrrrr*

  2. Ron says:

    That just means that we are getting closer, maybe. I need at least eight inches of snow, and it has to last for a week. It is not winter until that happens.

    I apologize in advance if that happens, and you still have to drive in to work.

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