Beth’s New Hairstyle

Beth's New Haircut

Beth has been having issues with her head, beyond the normal female instability issues. Her solution was to chop all of her hair off. I am not a fan of short hair on women, but it is not my hair. I do not even have to look at this haircut, if that is what I choose to do.

I know that may sound a bit harsh, but Beth has asked me many times to not let her get her hair cut short. She has always said that she wanted to keep her hair below her chin. I did my best to keep my promise to her, but she got it cut short anyways.

Where does the fault lie when, in a couple of weeks, she decides that she does not like it short any more and blames me for letting her get it cut short? I will of course remind her that it is her own head, and that I did everything I could to remind her that she never wanted to have her hair above her chin.

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6 Responses to Beth’s New Hairstyle

  1. I hope it is not an indication of how she feels about the haircut that she is not smiling for the picture.

    Your father’s solution to a bad haircut was always to put his arms around me and tell me it would grow out. I always thought that was diplomatic.

  2. Ron says:

    Beth likes the haircut … for now. I am the one who does not like the new hairstyle. I told her not to smile for the picture, and touched the photograph up a bit before posting.

    I was following the advice of Emily Dickinson by telling the truth, but telling it at a slant. I am quite sure that she did not mean that in this context, but it works for me so I am sticking to my interpretation.

  3. Andy says:

    looks ok to me (but I also prefer long hair) – the picture does look like a drivers licence or passport photo though.

  4. Ron says:

    When I said that I touched the photograph up a bit, I mean that I spent half an hour adjusting the balance, setting the background and generally making Beth look a little bitter. (Yes, I mean bItter and not bEtter.)

  5. Beth Carpenter says:

    I love my hair! It is so easy to take care of which is good when you have two little boys at home. I plan on leaving my hair short for a while or at least until the boys get out of the grabbing my hair and pulling it stage. I love it. I know long hair is better in most men’s eyes but I like it. Short Hair is making my scalp issues better so deal with it! Heeeheee

  6. Tom says:

    Beth’s haircut is simply horrible. It’s so sad when women chop off pretty long hair. Usually makes ’em look lots older, and sometimes less feminine. Tom

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