Tiny Tony is not so Tiny

Beth took today off. It was originally for a doctor’s appointment, but the need for the appointment was no longer there, so she cancelled. Her supervisor said that it was too late not to take the day off, so she had a day off and nothing to do. Unfortunately, I had to go to work as usual.

This day off afforded Beth the opportunity to sleep in as long as the kids would let her. Both of the kids sleep with their doors closed and are good about not coming out until we come in and get them. Although, until today, Tony had no other recourse.

Beth was awakened by one of the children pounding on their door. That is not too unusual. Beth got up to get RJ and then saw that RJ was still sleeping. Tony had gotten out of his crib!

It is now only a matter of weeks before we will take down the crib and put Tony in a toddler bed so that he does not fall out of the crib and hurt himself.

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I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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